Team Pictures!

Team Pictures, as well as individual pictures will be taken at practice on Thursday, Dec. 8th outside by the pond area in back of Kenwood. Wear team jacket and black warm ups or black tights. Or, team race bottoms.

The picture sequence will be: (times are approximate) Middle School skiers 3:00 and team 3:10pm, South Boys skiers  3:15 and team 3:25pm, North Boys skiers 3:30 and team 3:40pm South Girls skiers 3:45 and team 3:55pm, North girls 4:05 skiers and team.

**Note -these times are estimates!!! It depends entirely on the speed at which we are prepared and ready to go from team to team. No way to know for sure – please be ready and be patient.

All skiers received a Lifetouch picture order form on Monday at practice. Please bring your picture order form to practice on Thursday to the Lifetouch photography crew.

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Cleary Rollerski Results

2016 Rollerski Race Results- Cleary Lake Dec.6, 2016 5K Skate   Boys and Girls (2 Tabs)

For reference: 2015 Rollerski Meet results

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Rollerski Meet Dec. 6, Cleary Lake Park!

Release 1:50 MMS, Bus  pick up at MMS at 2:00. Release 2:00  South, Bus pickup at 2:10, All-Saints  bus pick up at 2:20,  Release 2:20 North, bus pickup at 2:30. Bus pick up at Kenwood at 2:40.   Depart 2:50.    Return to KTMS at 5:20pm.
***Non-rollerskiing team members this is MOST of the team (over 50 of you) , there will be regular practice at at the regular time at Kenwood. 3:15-5:15pm***

MEET: Tuesday, Dec. 6th Cleary Lake Park.

WHO: All SSC Nordic teams:  Burnsville, Eastview, Eagan, ISD 196, Lakeville, Prior Lake and Northfield)

WHAT: 5k Skate Rollerski race.  Clockwise, 1 loop of Cleary Lake Park on paved path.

WHEN:  Boys Varsity start: 3:30 PM,  Girls Varsity Start: ~ 3;45 PM.


Lakeville Skiers:

Ben Barry

Tyler Haroldson

Duncan Ince

Hudson Fredericks

Will Hack

Danny David

Henry Nomeland

Wyatt Hall

Emma Drangstveit

Violet Tessier

Monica Toussaint

Brianne Brewster

Grete Engels

Haley Moerbitz

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Updates, News!

PRACTICE  at Cleary Lake Park on Saturday, Dec. 3  8:00am, afterwards—-
Dress for outdoor workout- rollerskiing or in-line skating, running or  pole hiking (your choice) 60-90 min.
Be sure to be dressed for ……
ULTIMATE Frisbee vs. Burnsville Nordic!  at  10:00am at Cleary following practice.  Ends approx. 10:45
Cancelled for Next Friday, Dec. 9th.
Rescheduled for Dec. 6th at 3:30pm  Rollerski at Cleary–
Our meet is cancelled for Friday, Dec. 9.  (lack of snow) so it was  changed to a Rollerski Meet at Cleary on Tuesday, Dec. 6th.  It is only for experienced rollerskiers.  5K loop of Cleary Lake Park.  Skate if dry, Classic of wet.
Release 1:50 MMS, Bus  pick up at MMS at 2:00. Release 2:00  South, Bus pick up at 2:10, All-Saints  bus pick up at 2:20,  Release 2:20 North, bus pick up at 2:30. Bus pick up at Kenwood at 2:40.   Destination: Cleary Lake Park, Prior Lake.  Depart Cleary at 5:00pm, Return to KTMS at 5:30pm.
Back up date for rollerski meet is Thursday, Dec 8th.  Non-rollerskiing team members, there will be regular practice at at the regular time at Kenwood. 3:15-5:15pm
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What stuff do I need for skiing?

New skiers: Likely, you have nothing. No skis, poles, boots.  The investment is a “big deal” we know, because it’s a new sport and the whole idea of new equipment – what to get, how much to pay, what’s “better” and “worth it” for the cost for a new skier.  The ski shops we use will not try to oversell you. They do not want anyone to get something they will not need, cannot use or exceeds their ability/financial commitment. However, to get started in this sport you will need the basics and the quality of the equipment you get will greatly affect the quality of the experience you have when learning to ski and making it easier and more enjoyable. Returning skiers: You probably already know what you need or want and just need to take care of it asap. Now is the time to get equip while it’s available (sizing and low cost) and you can get the most use out of it. All skiers remember-if you buy something and are ready for something new or outgrow it after the season,  we (boosters) can buy it from you to use as rental or you can find another team member to buy it from you- never hard to do!

RENTING:  We do offer a rental program through the accumulated stock of skis provided by the Lakeville Nordic Ski  Boosters over the years. The equipment will get the job done for a new skier.  However, sizing is limited (ski sizing is based on body weight, skier ability, height and  foot size in that order) so the sizes we have available can be limited and what we can provide we cannot guarantee will fit best. It is first priority to first year skiers, then after that it’s based on fit and availability.   New skiers:  35 for skis, 15 for poles. Returning skiers:  50 and 25.

SKIS: We can only rent one pair of skis per skier due to limited stock. The majority of our skis are Skate Skis for rental, so if you are not buying two pairs of skis (skate and classic) then the best option is to buy classic skis and rent skate skis. (Skate skis have a wider range for skier weight  so our rental options are better.   Classic skis are very weight specific so they  have a much smaller weight range and will not work beyond their certain weight range at all).  When getting skis, get the NNN or Salomon Pro-Link Binding. Not Salomon Pilot!

POLES:  As for poles, ideally, 2 pair are best. 1 for skate, 1 for Classic.  Skate poles should be about 10 cm (4 in) longer. Top of shoulder height for classic,  between upper lip and nose for skate. If only getting one pair of poles, you can buy Classic poles and rent skate poles, or buy “combi” poles and not rent any. (combi poles are half-way between skate and classic length).  Note: Do not get loop strap poles.

BOOTS:  We do not rent boots. These need to be purchased.  The sizing is impossible to accommodate and the wear and tear is too individual. They need to fit well and belong to the skier.  Ideally, a skier gets a good quality Skate and Classic boot or a very good quality Combi boot (used for both skate and classic). A comfortable and well fitting boot is really important.  If you are renting, you need to get a boot that fits the NNN or Salomon Pro-Link binding. Do not get any boot designed for the Salomon Pilot or SNS!

CLOTHING: Gear West and other ski shops have all nordic ski-specific  clothing you need as well as running specialty stores.   It is ESPECIALLY important to get the right  type of gloves/mitts/lobster mitts,  buff, hats/headbands and socks. These can be a huge factor in comfort and use.   Form-fitting is important for ease of movement. Thin and breathable is also preferable.  Running shops also have almost the exact type of clothing.  It is MORE important that the clothing stays dry and reduces wind, not much in the way of insulation is NOT needed unless you’re warming up, your done skiing or just watching. Sweat will make you wet and cold.

Other:  If you do shop “online” do not buy anything you have not tried on elsewhere for sizing and fit.

GEAR WEST- Here  we come!!  

Reminder, tomorrow (Tuesday,  Nov 29th) is “GEAR WEST LAKEVILLE TEAM NIGHT” For Lakeville Skiers and families!  We will meet at Gear West Ski at 6:00pm  for our “special treatment” upon our visit.   Not only will we be given priority assistance in our search for ski stuff, but special team pricing. So you don’t have to go home for dinner after practice, Gear West will provide us  with pizza, beverages and homemade cookies for dinner so you won’t go hungry!  Skis/bindings, boots, poles, clothing, etc… will all be available for our team pricing special.   Here is their webpage for “Gear Guide” and packages.  They may also  offer “rent/lease to buy” option if you are not sure about buying until after using them a full season. This has been a deal they have run in the past, I think it is still available.  It’s a bit of a “hike” to get there, especially at 5:00pm, so we’ll make the trip worth it. Meet you there!      LOCATION of GEAR WEST

Direct Links to Gear West High School Skier Guide

No snow, no problem!  (but, we would really appreciate a snow dance)

We’ve had tremendous team energy and positive attitudes to start out the season in spite of a slow start to our desired snowfall.  With almost 70 skiers on the High School teams and close to 20 skiers on the middle school team, we’ve got a “full house” of skiers doing dryland training and having super-fun, working super-hard, getting super-fit in preparation for the season.


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Saturday Morning Sunrise workout at Cleary

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Day trip to Giants Ridge

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Saturday Practice at Cleary Lake Park

When: 8:00 am  -9:30am

Where: 18106 Texas Avenue
Prior Lake, MN 55372

What: Rollerski, rollerblade/inline skate, (bring your own… don’t forget a helmet and gloves!)  trail run or whatever you prefer for “dryland”  Ultimate Frisbee to follow… the Park building will be open! This will be a coach-led practice.

Map of Cleary Lake (winter map)

Cleary Lake Park Website

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Black (White?) Friday Practice

Practice for Friday, Nov. 25th will meet at Kenwood Trail.  The Building WILL NOT be open. Dress for outdoor training. Trails are thin snow cover- not skiable yet…

Dryland options:  rollerskiing,  pole-hiking/course striding, running/jogging.   This is a  captain-led  practice,  coaches will not be there. It is not required to attend, but encouraged for team-building!  If you cannot make it, then do this OYO or with a teammate or buddy (anyone) OYO.

The goal of this workout is to develop your aerobic endurance. This requires a Level 1 to 2 effort.  Level Training  (the 1 to 5 scale being:  1  is easy, “talking” pace, and 5 is  all-out maximum effort). To best achieve the workout goal,  maintain a continuous, sustained effort that is equivalent of 60-70% of your maximum Heart Rate/VO2 max.  The simplest way to know this is to subtract your age from 220 then multiply by .6  and  .7   these two numbers are your target HR zone for aerobic endurance development.

The duration (time) of this workout should be 60 or more minutes, advanced athletes up to 90 minutes. For beginners, 60 minutes is do-able, add 1 or 2 short breaks if it helps.   Current fitness and ability will determine this, along with the mode of exercise.

Practice time will end approx. 11:30am

Skiers –   If you have not yet added the “GroupMe” app to your phone, please do that, this is the primary updates for the updates that will be frequent throughout the season. Once you add the app, search for “Lakeville Nordic” and add yourself/request to be added and you will be added.



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Whatcha waitin’ for? Let’s go!! Register HERE!
General Info HERE

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