WEEK 2: Nov 19 – Nov 26, 2018

Thanksgiving week training


We will have regular practice after school this week on Monday and Tuesday. We will be meeting at Cleary Lake Park Wednesday with a 9:00 start time. No team practice on Thursday or Friday.
Saturday at Kenwood or possibly a park TBD.
Varsity and those wanting to be on varsity should try to go to the weight room twice this week. (Mon and Sat)
workouts at the end of this post.

Monday – 11/19 

BRING SKI POLES! Classic if you have them, skate is fine if not.  JV2 does not need poles but good of you have. 

Workout: Hills/Drills
Varsity/JV:  Workout together running hills and bounding practice to start.
New skiers (JV2). Then split up for V/JV1 do 5 x 5 min run threshold hills workout.  JV2 do 5 x 3 min threshold w/ hills.Technique work on portable hill.  W/Classic drills afterwards.  Finish in fitness center with strength training, (See Below)

Tuesday 11/20

 start right away at 3:15

15 minute warmup, Nordic Plyos routine hard effort! Team Night at Gear West. Leave Kenwood at 3:45 or 4:00 latest. Those not going do easy 40 rollerski or xtrain. 

Wednesday -11/21

No School
Workout: 9:00 am at Cleary Lake (with permission from Three Rivers). Coaches will send out a remind on Tuesday Eve with details. Plan for a long workout, 120 minutes. Bring food and water.

Thursday 11/22

Turkey Day!
Workout: Somewhere try to fit in a 30-45 min run/roller ski/or bike. A short workout will help recovery and  keep the Turkey sleepies away. 

Friday 11/23

Workout: On Your Own 
Choose one of the following and do at L1 pace
Run 45-50 minutes
Ski at Wirth or Roller ski 60 minutes
or Bike 90 minutes

Saturday 11/24 

Workout: 9:00 Location likely Kenwood 
(weather dependent) Varsity – 90-120 minutes ski or rollerski with 6×45 second L5 pickups and full recovery in between.
JV – 60 min out and back run in total (Run 30 minutes, turn around and do 4X2 minutes at L4 pickups with full recovery, finish out the 60 minutes)

Sunday 11/25

30 min easy Choice or off.  

Weight Lifting Plan for Varsity

  •  (2 x circuit- do 2nd time max effort)
  • Pull-Ups or Lat Pull Downs (12)
    Dips/Bench Dips (1
  • Rows / lawn mowers (12)
  • Bench Press or flys (12)
  • Drop ½ Pushups: 10s, ½ , 8, ½ 6, ½ 4, ½ 2 touchdown and back up and repeat.
  • Burpees (10)
  • Skate-tuck jumps (20) tuck 5 sec. each
  • Ball Slams 10 L leg, 10 R leg 10 x both Legs 
  • Front raises and side raises 10 each
  • Dumbbell Lunge walk down and back
  • Leaping Lunges x 10
  • Abs routine

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