Week 6 – December 17th-23rd

Week 6


Monday 12/17

Strength training 4:00-4:30pm Kenwood Fitness Center Hyland Skate Ski Practice bus pick up at Kenwood 4:30pm Return 7:45pm
Working on Skate  No poles skiing, agility/cones agility courses, V2 lock and load drills, Starts and Finishes

Tuesday 12/18   

SSC conference RACE Skate meet Hyland   Boys V 3:30pm, Girls V 4:45pm, Boys JV ~4:00pm, Girls JV ~4:10pm

School Release 1:35pm, Bus pick up at KTMS 1:50pm    Return 6:00pm

Wednesday 12/19

Hyland SKATE Ski Practice. (due to warm conditions, we will be skate skiing)

Level 1 workout, plenty of BALANCE drills and TRANSITIONING and  V1 TIMING

bus pick up at Kenwood 4:30pm Return 7:45pm

Thursday 12/20

3:15 pm at Kenwood  Dryland and Strength Training to follow  4:30pm

Friday 12/21

CLASSIC SKI Threshold workout  at Hyland  Bus pick up at Kenwood  3:15pm Return 6:45pm


Saturday 12/22

Due to the holiday schedules, we will have an “if you can please make it” practice on Saturday (12/22) or Monday (2/24 ) morning at Hyland  8:00am- 10:00 am. This is not an officially reserved  practice (we do not have it reserved) however, there will be enough space (5k) to find space to ski. YOU WILL NEED YOUR SKI PASS! If you come to Hyland, we will have them for you on Saturday or Monday.


  • REMINDER:  Please be preparing to have all your ski equipment and clothing  home with you, assume we will  NOT  have access  to Kenwood until after Dec 30th.

Winter Break Ski trip notes:

  • Packed and ready on Dec 26th at Kenwood to Load the bus at 7:30am. Have your $ and Permission slip with you upon loading the bus on Wednesday, Dec. 26th
  • Please see the links above  for all forms, Itineraries, Locations,  Packing list. Final updates and trip details will be sent out over the weekend (Dec 22).  We will be STAYING in Ironwood, MI Country Inn and SKIING  at the ABR trails in Ironwood, MI.and the Wolverine Trails of Ironwood, MI




Annika Emerson
Karter Friesenhahn
Claire Gunderson
Violet Tessier
Doug Swenson
Brianne Brewster
Isabel Demo
Hannah Hunhoff
Will Hack
Ben Drangstveit
Elizabeth Swenson
Karl David
Grace Eddy
Elias Pickit
Wyatt Hall
Spencer Swartz
Hayden Zoll
Grete Engels
Lauren McGillick
Emily Hillis
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