Week 8 – Dec. 31-Jan. 6


Dec. 31st – Jan 6th

Monday, Dec 31

Hyland at 11:00 am -1:00 pm.  Be sure you have your ski pass!!   No bus. Carpool- Give a ride or get a ride.  We have not “reserved” Hyland (no teams can during the holiday weeks) we just need to be extra “heads up”  of where we group up and do drills, skills, etc. SKIER ETIQUETTE is paramount during these busy holiday times. (review below) Thanks guys!

Skiing Etiquette ?1) Ski single file- be aware when others want to go around you. ?2) Be aware of beginner skiers, especially on downhills- give them room?3) communicate with others on the track - "coming up on your left" ?\4) encourage others during races- a simple "nice work" goes a long way?5) NO stopping on the trail- MOVE out of the way  if stopped?6) educate others (fellow athletes, coaches and parents!) about not tracking mud on the snow. 

Note: This is the workout switched from Sunday, Dec 30 since many skiers reported DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) from the Ski Trip.

Monday Workout Description: Steady continuous 1.5 to 2 hr ski. Ideally, classic ski.

Skate is fine if you cannot. If you are unable to get out to ski then use other activities such low level biking, elliptical, swimming, etc.

In the middle of your workout complete 12-16 x 20 sec pick-ups at Level 5.  Between each pick-up take active recovery of 2 min. Get your effort to come back to Level 1.

Workout Details:

Begin with 40 min @ Level 1 (Endurance / Recovery) Easy training; the same mode you’re doing during the workout.

Repeat 12 to 16 times ** how many repeats you choose to do is dependent on your fitness and motivation level.

** Specific speed workout pick-ups 20 sec @ just below sprint effort  Level 5c (anaerobic capacity)

Between pick-ups 2 min @ Level 1 (endurance /recovery)

Finish with 30 to 40 min at  Level 1

Tuesday, Jan 1  Happy New Year!  
Skate Ski. Hyland 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm. Dress Warmly!!! Have your ski pass!

75 minutes. Easy on the  uphills, hard on the downhills.

Prep Classic Skis, binder kick zones, glide wax glide zones. Wax for 18-22*F   

Wednesday, Jan 2      

Meet 5K Classic  art Wirth Park. Start in Lower Stadium. Full 5k 1 loop. Green Meadow to

Early Release 1:20PM.   Bus at Kenwood at 1:50PM Return 6:30PM

NOTE:  We are the Meet Hosts. We need parent volunteers!! Parents – please contact coach Heilman if you can. You will need to be there at 3:15 pm and are able to help with skier line-ups, start and finish line organization (no experience required!)

Thursday, Jan 3    Thursday, Jan 3   Dryland at Kenwood  3:15 -5:15 pm Starting with Strength Training.

EVERYONE meet at Kenwood at 3:15 for strength training 3:15-3:45.  Dryland afterwards OR or skiing at Hyland. IF you can go on your own to right after school – share rides and drive if you can or parent drivers etc..but no bus. There is a meet there until 5:00 so heads up!  Given the forecast (37) you will need to skate unless you have klister. Level 1 workout, 20 minutes no pole skiing then 40 min easy skate v2 and any v1 only on weak side. Giants Ridge skiers: bring and Leave your classic skis at Kenwood at 3:15 for wax prepping.   

Friday, Jan 4  Bus to 3:15 at KTMS to Hyland

JV and Middle School. Return 5:50pm. Giants Ridge skiers start and end earlier if possible – then Ski prep in Drangeid’s room (Room 346 at LNHS) at 4:30pm until finished.

Saturday, Jan 5th  Giant’s Ridge AND Hyland

Giant’s Ridge Invite (LINK)

Mini-Coach Bus: Depart 5:30am. Return 8:00pm

top 5 boys and girls  each school to Giant’s Ridge Invite

(3 Varsity  2 JV each team) All ski classic.



V Doug, Hayden, Ben

JV Spencer, Jacques    


V Will, Wyatt, Eli,

JV Karl, Karter   


JV Nolan



V Grete, Liz, Isabel

JV Grace, Lauren   


V Brianne, Violet

JV Annika, Victoria



all others. 90 minutes Classic

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