Week 9 – Jan 7 through Jan 13 Schedule

This is a brief outline of the week-

Monday, Jan 7 

  • Kenwood 3:15-5:30pm
  • Dryland and Strength Training.
  • Please bring both your Classic and Skate Skis to Kenwood. Classic Skis- we will prep them for race tomorrowKick waxing TBD.  Not much to do in the way of waxing,  the glide wax for Mesabi will do the trick for the snow at Hyland tomorrow.  We will use the North Lower level entry doors wax area like last Friday.

Tuesday, Jan 8

  • Release Time:  1:35pm   Bus   2:00pm Kenwood. Get rides/Give Rides to Kenwood.
  • SSC CONFERENCE CLASSIC MEET at Hyland. “Kick” some wax!
  • Middle School: Skate 4k 3:20pm
  • High School: Classic- V boys 3:45pm, V girls 4:05pm, JV Boys 4:20pm, JV Girls 4:35 pm
  • Return KTMS approx 6:15pm

Wednesday, Jan 9

  • Bus Kenwood 4:15pm   Have a snack and drink to bring. Suggestion- go to Kenwood after school and do your homework there until bus pick up! Set  up in the classroom or in the Cafe…. Free tutoring:)
  • Practice Hyland 5:00-6:30pm
  • Return 7:00pm

Thursday, Jan 10 

  • Dryland and Strength Kenwood  3:15-5:15pm

Friday, Jan 11

  • Drive/Get a ride/Carpool/Rideshare to Hyland after school.
  • Choice of Classic or Skate 3:45-5:15pm

Saturday, Jan 12

  • Wirth Park  Skate 9:00- 11:00am  Over-distance and  Intervals – KEY WORKOUT.

Sunday, Jan 13

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