Team Information 2016-17


Rich Heilman, Head Coach  Olivia Bagnall, Assistant Coach Matt Nelson  Assistant Coach Lindsay Drangeid, Assistant Coach TBD   Middle School Head Coach   LAKEVILLE NORTH  AND LAKEVILLE SOUTH NORDIC, 2 GREAT TEAMS, 1 BIG HEART! The Lakeville Nordic Ski Teams are jointly coached and operated (between Lakeville North and Lakeville South).  Since the “split” of the 2 high schools, we continue to share the ski trails, trail grooming/equipment, transportation/busing,  rental equipment, storage space, wax, waxing equipment, locker rooms, websites and ability-based coaching programs. However, skiers do wear their own ‘school colors’ and uniforms and score as 2 different high schools on meet days.  This 2-team racing approach allows Lakeville Schools to have twice as many varsity skiers and skiers eligible for All-Conference honors, in addition to increasing the odds of making it to the State meet! NORDIC SKIING IS AN MSHSL VARSITY/JUNIOR VARSITY SANCTIONED SPORT.  All State Regulatory and management rules apply.  MSHSL Sport not club.   Registration required! You must be registered before you can practice. 
  • Physical
  • MSHSL Waiver
  • Emergency Forms
  • Participation Fee
  • Gear West (Long Lake)
  • Finn Sisu (St. Paul)
  • Hoigaard’s (St. Louis Park)
  • Valley Bike and Ski (Apple Valley)
  • Run n Fun (Burnsville and St. Paul) clothing, shoes
****For all shops, ask for the Lakeville High School’s Team Discount**** PRACTICE TIMES/ATTENDANCE
  1. Practice begins at 3:15 p.m. at Kenwood. Check in every day with the team manager or coaches for attendance.  We practice Monday through  Saturday. Skiers required to be at 5 of 6 practices per week.
 Note: If you are not at school by 11 am, you are not eligible to practice or race (State ruling).
  1. Be sure to always inform the coaches when you will be absent.*
  2. Practice ends at approx. 5:30 pm. Drop-off and pick up location is always at the “pool entrance.”
*ABSENCES ARE EXCUSABLE WITH A PARENT NOTE/DR. NOTE WITH A 24 HOUR NOTICE.  THIS INCLUDES COMING TO PRACTICE LATE OR LEAVING PRACTICE EARLY.  TRANSPORTATION  The shuttle bus leaves from Century and McGuire, North HS  and South HS daily to Kenwood for practices. See the activities webpage (HS or MS pages) for the shuttle bus times.  For meets that require busing, skiers will be picked up at their school and brought to Kenwood to get their equipment for the meet.  Skiers are required to take the team bus to and from the meets.  If they are getting a ride from a parent, family member or friend, they must sign waiver of release for transportation before this is allowable. CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT
  1. Hat and/or earmuffs/headband
  2. Gloves or mittens/lobster mitts (two pairs, so one will always be dry)
  3. Exercise clothing for indoors (t-shirt, shorts)
  4. Running shoes
  5. Medium weight ski socks (Smartwool or  ¾ crew socks--not cotton) are best
  6. Windproof outer shell  (wind jacket---thin, minimally lined or unlined is best)
  7. Base-layer “under-armour” underwear-- top and bottom
  8. Poles: pr. classic, pr. skate or pr. combi
  9. Skis: pr. classic, pr. skate or pr. combi
  10. Boots: pr. classic, pr. skate or pr. combi
  11. Rollerskis (optional helmet, carbide poles tips—we only have a small number of Rollerskis to rent—only for returning skiers, not first year skiers.
RENTALS: We have a rental program for team members: Priority to 1st year skiers. Available: skis and bindings and poles.  All skiers will need their own boots.  SNS binding system boots.   35.00 1 pair skis and poles,  50.00 1 pair skis, poles and boots for very limited boot availability and sizes. -Skiers will need to get their own kick wax kit (cork and 4 or 5 kick waxes: red, blue, blue extra, violet, green) FACILITIES- PARKS/PARK PASSES We have over 5 kilometers of trails and fields that we groom for daily training at Kenwood. We also use the Three Rivers Park District (TRPD) trails. The TRPD seasonal ski pass can be purchased through the team during the first week of the season for ½ price (32.50).  We can get these for parents and family members of skiers too.  TRPD includes: Cleary Lake Park, Murphy-Hanrehan Park, Elm Creek Park, Hyland Park, Baker Park, French Park, and a few others.  Without a park pass, a $5 to 7/per day daily  fee is charged at the parks for use. LOCKERS Each student will be given a locker and a padlock to use for the season at Kenwood to store their clothing, etc. We also have a “ski room” where skis can be stored on week- days. Please take your equipment home for the weekend to use. TRAINING/PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS
  1. Come prepared daily!  Dress for the weather - follow the weather report, check our team webpage.
  2. Always keep track of your equipment---label it, take care of it and store it safely.
  3. Don’t forget to bring your Positive Attitude!
  4. Always congratulate, praise and support each other and all of your competitors.
  5. Needless to say, have fun! Keep a sense of humor as you ski and learn to improve.
  • Winter Ski Trip volunteers
  • Fundraising events
  • Pasta “Carbo” dinners
  • Snacks/treats for meets
  •  Course grooming/maintenance
  •  Meet volunteers /timing
  •  Photos/video for Slideshow
  • Return Bus Transportation