2017-18 Shuttle Bus Schedule

2017-18 winter After School Shuttle Schedule Shuttle 1: KTMS-CMS-AMES-LNHS-CMS-KTMS -MMS • Arrive at KTMS POOL DOORS at 2:00pm and depart approx. 2:10pm (after route buses leave). • Arrive at CMS (LOWER LEVEL) 2:15pm and depart at 2:20pm. • Arrive at Ames 2:25pm and depart immediately. • Arrive to NORTH at 2:40pm. Depart NORTH at 2:45pm from the Activity Doors. • Arrive at CMS 2:50pm - lower level and depart at 2:55pm. • Arrive at KTMS 3:00pm - pool doors and depart at 3:05pm. • Arrive at MMS by 3:10pm at the front of the building. • END OF ROUTE Shuttle 2: CMS-KTMS-LSHS-MMS-CMS-(BUCK HILL if needed for HS Alpine Ski Practice) • Arrive at CMS (LOWER LEVEL) at 2:10pm and depart at 2:15pm. • Arrive at KTMS (POOL DOORS) at 2:20pm and depart at 2:25pm. • Arrive to SOUTH (ACTIVITY DOORS) at 2:30pm – wait until school dismisses (stay back from the door so that the vans can pick up their students). Depart at 2:45pm. • Arrive at MMS at 2:50pm (FRONT DOORS) – you will need to wait across the street in the sand lot if route buses are still at MMS. Depart at 2:55pm. • Arrive at CMS at 3:00pm. and depart immediately. • Drop at Buck Hill, if needed for HS Alpine Ski Practice. • END OF ROUTE Shuttle 3: MMS-LSHS-KTMS-CMS-LNHS-LSHS • Arrive at MMS at 2:45pm (FRONT DOORS – you will have to pull in to the sand lot across the street and wait for the route buses to depart at 2:52pm) and depart at 2:55pm. • Arrive at SOUTH (ACTIVITY DOORS) at 3:00pm and depart at 3:05pm. • Arrive at KTMS (POOL DOORS) and depart at 3:15pm. • Arrive at CMS 3:20pm (LOWER LEVEL) and depart at 3:25pm. • Arrive at NORTH (ACTIVITY DOORS) and depart at 3:35pm. • Arrive at SOUTH (ACTIVITY DOORS) at 3:40pm. • END OF ROUTE

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