Shuttle Bus Schedule

2016 Fall After School Shuttle Schedule


• Start at Kenwood (pool doors) arrive 2:00, depart at 2:15 • Arrive at LNHS at 2:20 PM (drop off at student doors NORTH SIDE of building to avoid route buses in the upper lot), immediately depart for LSHS at 2:25 PM. • Arrive at LSHS at 2:30 PM (athletic door entrance); depart at 2:35 PM. • Continue to MMS arriving at 2:40 PM, depart at 3:00 PM o The bus will pull into the sand lot across the street from McGuire until the route buses have left and then you can pull in front of main doors. The second part of the shuttle you will pick up at MMS then drop off any students that need to go to LSHS. • Arrive at LSHS at 3:05 PM, you load anyone that needs a ride to KTMS (there should be some swimmers) take them to KTMS. • Arrive at KTMS at 3:10/3:15 PM, Depart by 3:20 PM • Arrive at LNHS at 3:25 PM (drop students off at student doors on the north side of the building). This is the final drop location.


• Start at Kenwood (pool doors) at 2:00 PM, depart at 2:10 PM • Arrive Century at 2:15 PM (Lower Lot on North side) depart at 2:20 PM • Arrive at LNHS at 2:25 PM (drop at student doors on north side of building to avoid route buses), immediately depart North after drop. • Arrive at SOUTH (Upper activity doors) at 2:35 PM, depart at 2:40 PM. • Arrive at NORTH at 2:45 PM (Pick-up at the upper lot – entrance off of Ipava and pick-up by the sports doors, stay out of the way of the route buses). Depart after the route buses by 3:00 PM. • Arrive at Century at 3:05 PM (drop on north end of building), drop and immediately depart for Kenwood. • Continue to KTMS (drop at the pool doors,) at 3:10 PM, depart immediately after drop. • Make final drop at MMS (drop at front doors) at 3:15 PM.


• Start at Century (North Entrance) at 2:00 PM, Depart at 2:10 PM • Kenwood (Pool Doors) Arrive at 2:15 PM, depart by 2:25 PM • Continue on to MMS Arrive at 2:30 PM; you will need to pull into the sand lot across the street from McGuire until all the route buses have left; once they have left pull up to the front doors. Depart at 3:00 PM o You will be taking girls and boys cross country runners from McGuire to LSHS (Shuttle 1 will also be at MMS to take students to SOUTH). If you have room, take any other students that need a ride from MMS to South. • Arrive at South (Upper Activity Door) at 3:05 PM for final drop

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