Weekly Training Schedule

Week of Jan. 24-Jan. 30th, 2011 Monday: If you can, meet at the Shed at 1:15 pm to get special tips on waxing done.  Practice at 3:00 at Kenwood. Classic. Intervals: 8-10 x 30s, 1:30 off.   Also, practice mass starts on portable hill.  PASTA DINNER at Kunik's, 5:00 pm  (see Calendar Links for details) Tuesday: Duathalon at Valleywood. 3:30.  Mass Start Classical 2.1 K, followed by immediate transition to 3.4 K Skate.  All Skiers Race. Top 10 race Varsity, all others JV. See Results/Rosters link for details. Note:  Release times: MMS 1:15, CMS 1:25, HS 1:25.  NO RETURN BUS!  Arrange for carpooling. Wednesday: Skate: no poles drills and v2 recovery ski.  Core workout and strength afterwards. Thursday: Skate: Tough workout--be ready. Ladder intervals at race Level 3 to 4.   2 x (4:1, 3:1, 2:2)  on:off Friday: Classic: Easy workout-- drills. Recovery day.  Double-pole and single sticking drills, followed by stride-no poles. Core workout and strength training to finish. Saturday:  Murphy practice 9:00am.   Over-distance skate ski  Level 1-2 (75-90 min) followed by race-pace hills level 3  (1.1-2K mark) Classic. Sunday: Recovery Day--make it count! Wax for Conference Championships meet!